Bird-a-thon 2011

These are some of the pictures that Pete, Tom, and I took during Birdathon last year.

running piping plover
Piping Plover
Birdathon is a 24 hour race to find as many bird species as possible in Massachusetts. It a big fundraiser for Mass Audubon, but it's also a way to get detailed "state of the birds" data and migration data.

roseate terns
Roseate and Common Terns
Birdathon is also a crazed competition between Mass Audubon sanctuaries. Different teams spread out throughout the state - climbing mountains and wading through swamps - just to find that one rare species that might win the day for their team.

yellow warbler birdathon
Yellow Warbler
Last year we met up with my cousin Catie in Bridgewater on Friday night. (Catie's BirdingGirl blog inspired me to start blogging two years ago!)

Marbled Godwit
We were up at dawn to try our luck at Plymouth Airport, then Tom, Pete, and I walked all the way out to the very tip of the peninsula at Plymouth Beach and all the way back in.

canada goslings
Canada Goslings
Then Pete dragged us to the Daniel Webster sanctuary to add even more birds to the list!

laughing gull profile
Laughing Gull
Despite the endless and very tiring walk, Plymouth Beach was a blast - and a birder's delight.

tern flight
Common Tern
Pete can't be here for Birdathon this year. He started a new job as a Forest Ranger in Oregon yesterday. I still haven't adjusted to not having him around, and I miss him terribly.

Handsome Common Tern
Common Tern
Between not having Pete to ID birds and my residual pain and vision problems from breathing in metal dust and glue fumes last winter, I was planning to skip Birdathon this year.

plover birdathon
Semipalmated Plover
But at the very last minute I changed my mind! I might not do as well without Pete, but with Tom at my side I'm going to try. I'll probably embarrass myself - but at least it's for a good cause!

Of course, I'm really desperate for donations now because Birdathon is only two days away. If you can spare a few dollars to save The Nature of Massachusetts, I'd be eternally grateful!

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