Spring has finally arrived!

Karens Crocus

Spring really has Sprung, now!

Crocus for Karen
These crocuses are for Karen, whose bulbs were all eaten by bunnies last year.

more crocus for Karen
More croci from the front yard.

aunt ceels robin
A Robin for my Aunt Ceel, who saw one two weeks or so ago,


  1. Thanks for the crocus photos. The bunnies are already nibbling my squill. My crocus are few and far between. Yours are beautiful.

  2. hey Karen - What the heck is a squill?

  3. It's a little spring bulb that has lots of little bell-like blossoms on a single stem. A little similar to grape hyacinths but the blossoms are bigger. They come in lots of colors.

  4. Crocus!! - mine just crawled back into the ground!

  5. Don't you have Robins in Winter too? We have them here in Minnesota all winter long. Not lots of them of course but some goofball snow tolerant Robins.


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