Peter's Northern Shoveler!

Petes northern shoveler
Photo by Peter Wrublewski

I think this photo of a Northern Shoveler is absolutely incredible. I'm not bragging, because it was taken by my son, but I really wish I could claim it as my own.

Petes shoveler 2
Photo by Peter Wrublewski

I've never even seen a Northern Shoveler - although I desperately want to see one. I want to see one this close, too!

Petes northern shoveler 2
Photo by Peter Wrublewski

Here's an interesting angle! A Northern Shoveler coming right at your face!

Petes shoveler
Photo by Peter Wrublewski

This was taken down the cape somewhere. They stopped the car near the water, and he was just a few feet away from them. I admit to being equally lucky when looking for the Greater White-fronted Goose, but I'd much rather see a Shoveler!


  1. It seems the water is so nice to paint of course with Shoveler...Nice shots!!your son is talented.


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