Red-tailed Hawks

Charles river red tail Cambridge
Red-tailed Hawks are EVERYWHERE! This one landed right on top of my head on Soldiers Field Road across from the Charles.

Charles river red tail Cambridge 3
He was not a bit afraid of me or the cars or anything. The same day, I saw 14 Red-tails from inside my car. Some were above the highway, while some were in the brush a few feet away from the Sudbury River.

Charles river red tail Cambridge 2
Consider yourself blessed if you get this close to a red-tailed Hawk. These are gorgeous, intelligent, adaptable, and ingenious hunters who can survive anywhere!

redtailed hawk framingham
This is why its called a Red Tailed hawk!

redtail 3 01 11
Red-tailed Hawk carrying his meal. I think it's a mouse!


  1. Absolutely great pictures. Hard to believe that you got so close. You were surely blessed that day.

  2. Incredible that you had so many red tailed hawks!!! And one landed on your head!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent series!


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