Common Mergansers: Birds of Prey?

male common merganser
Yes! Common Mergansers, too! I haven't accomplished much in the way of seeing new species this winter, but at least I got Hooded Mergansers, Red-breasted Mergansers, and now Common Mergansers. Yeah!!! The Common Merganser males are very regal looking.

female common merganser 3 1 11
Like the other merganser's, Common Merganser females have that crazy 'I Love Lucy' hair. But a careful look reveals that she, too, is a very attractive duck.

merganser eats huge fish
You wouldn't believe the size of the fish she swallowed ! It was almost as big as she was. It took a long while to choke it down, too!

merganser eats huge fish 2
I never in my wildest dreams imagined they ate fish this size! After she ate it, you could still see it flopping around inside her neck and belly.

common merganser eating frog
He's eating a frog! Where did he get a frog in the middle of winter? My son said they dig the frogs out of the mud at the river bottom where they are hibernating.

Who knew that Common Mergansers were bloodthirsty predators?


  1. Wow awesome series! I initially noticed your "female vs big fish" shots here. So I'm guessing the second shot is the huge fishes end as its probably staring into its captors stomach?? You said the formidable fish was still desperately flapping about while inside, I wonder if the fish managed any slim chance to escape its grim fate if eaten in that condition!? Hopefully she can keep her meal down okay, I can't help but pity the poor fish alittle!


    Reply: Mexicankyle35@gmail.com

    1. I don't think that fish ever saw the light of day again!


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