Bluebirds in the Snow

Winter bluebird
An Eastern Bluebird in the snow is not as unusual as I once thought. Like the American Robin, bluebirds sometimes winter in Massachusetts. On the other hand. he may have spent the winter in a warmer climate and only recently returned.

Pete's  winter bluebird
My son took this photo, which nicely shows the patterns and colors on the male Eastern Bluebird.

march bluebird female
Female Eastern Bluebirds are usually describes as having more muted coloring than the males, but this one didn't look blue at all to me. In fact, initially I denied that it was a bluebird at all!

March bluebird
Eastern Bluebirds like to perch at the tippity-top of branches, poles, etc. as they scan for prey. This habit makes them easier to spot than many small birds.

march backyard Blue Jay
I returned home to find a more familiar blue bird waiting for me. We have had as many as eight Blue Jays in the back yard at the same time this winter.


  1. Love your Bluebirds! You caught them in pretty typical postures. I was also glad to see all buds on the 4th photo. Spring can't be toooo far off!

  2. Hi Sue. Wow, how unusual! I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the return of the bluebirds that use the bird houses set up on the Bridgewater State College campus (I drive by every morning on my way to the train). They'll be hear soon enough! Can't wait for spring :)


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