Snow Goose!

snow goose
Snow Goose! A LIFE-LISTER FOR ME! The photo quality is pretty horrible, but the lighting was poor and we were very far away from the goose.

sudbury snow goose canada goose
Snow Geese breed in the arctic, and are rare in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, they are all too common elsewhere, and their population explosion in recent years threatens the very arctic lands they need in order to breed.

snow goose and canada geese
The Snow Goose with two friendly Canada Geese in Sudbury, MA. We were thrilled to see this beautiful bird. After seeing him, it seems all the more tragic that drastic methods such as allowing spring hunting of Snow Geese is necessary to keep the population in check.

They really are quite lovely. I wish I had better pictures so you could see for yourselves.

snow goose in the sun
It seems strange to think that this one little white goose is such a problem - even more of a problem than the hundreds of Canada Geese blanketing the landscape. Very sad, in any case.


  1. Susan, congrats! You got some pretty good images anyway.

  2. Congrats on the lifer. Before I departed for Louisiana I also was real excited to spot a Snow Goose with a rather large group flock of Canada Geese in Sharon,MA. However, once I got to Louisiana I was shocked to see flocks of over 1000 Snow and White Fronted geese. AMAZING! I'll still take the one goose anyday. More fun!


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