Concord and Sudbury

dancing mallards concord
I could barely hold my camera in the gusty wind, but despite a little blur I really liked this image.

immature mute swan
A family of Mute Swans flew in while I was there, making so much noise I thought there must be a dozen or more. In fact, there was only five; one adult and four juveniles. The juvenile swans will turn white over the winter.

domestic goose
Hager Pond in Sudbury, MA is right next to a nice looking restaurant, and the fenced in pond contains quite a few domestic ducks and geese. I truly hope they aren't there in case a customer orders a duck dinner!

male mallard sudbury
AN interesting view of the male Mallard's head feathers. The feathers are shaped in such a way that they sometimes appear green, sometimes blue, and sometimes both! The male Mallard's head feather's are actually black.

A lone leaf blown onto the water.


  1. I love your photos and blog posts. I look forward to following every update!

  2. great pics mom! I love the leave circle and the one with the duck flapping!

  3. Thanks, Meg! How nice of you to notice!

  4. Susan, the male mallard looks beautiful, like a polished sculpture. The leaf circle is a very original composition. I guess you'd call it found art, but you are the one who saw it. The mute swan photo is still missing; blurb says "This photo is currently unavailable" Flickr

  5. Thank you again, Hilke. I think Yahoo/Flickr changed something today that is screwing me up everywhere. I'm glad you like the pictures you can see, though!


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