Juncos and Jays!

beautiful bluejay 10 2010
I've had Blue Jays all summer, but suddenly I have a lot more of them. It is possible that some of these jays migrated here from farther north; a theory postulated in this blog post by Chris Petrak. I like that idea, but I can't be sure the extra Blue Jays didn't move in from next door! Isn't he a beautiful bird, though?

jay 10 2010
I'll always be crazy about Blue Jays, despite their voracious appetites and somewhat aggressive feeder habits. Can you believe my mother used to make me chase them away from the feeders? She said they were hogs, and ate the food intended for the little birds. Maybe that's why I always feel so defensive of them!

bluejay two10 2010
I have to admit that up close they can look a little scary!

darkeyed junco
My first Dark-eyed Juncos this year look much darker than usual. Freshly molted feather, maybe?

dark eyed junco
I hate winter with a passion, but who could could fail to celebrate the return of winter birds like the Dark-eyed Junco?


  1. ...love the blues you have going with the Blue Jay photos! I love watching them fill up their gular sacs this time of year, hauling nuts away to store for winter. As soon as I put out the peanut feeder, the Blue Jays come screaming in for the peanuts! I love them too. (I also love our sweet little Juncos...we have a few dropped in last week.)

  2. I also hate winter, but the increased feeder activity can make up for it. very nice photos


  3. The little Junco is a male. They are darker the the lighter gray headed females. The also are the ones that seem to blaze the trail on fall migration.

  4. Thanks for the info, Richard. That makes perfect sense. I know there are quite a few species where the males migrate first. Good call!


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