Maybe the last look at my Evening Grosbeak?

evening grosbeak birdbath
My Evening Grosbeak seems to have deserted me. Thank goodness I took plenty of pictures! I love this one! I love the branch dissecting the photo diagonally - and the bird is so pretty!

evening grosbeak mouthful
This one was through the window and the light was poor, but it turned out OK.

evening grosbeak pondering evening
I think he looks like he is contemplating the universe!

grosbeak window
Another through the window profile shot.


  1. Oh..so sorry hes gone..hoping he comes just a bit south to our feeders in CT.

  2. dAwN, I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he decided to stay with you instead. It's too damn cold here already!

  3. They are wonderful birds! Sorry yours have apparently moved on. Dare I say that I had 12 at the feeders at breakfast? I would offer to share, but it's not up to me - on the other hand, I am not sure the offer would be sincere ;)

  4. Stunning photos of the Grosbeak. I like the first and the second ones best. You do have a clean window, more than I can say for mine.


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