Cold Weather Backyard Birds

closeup jay
He's checking me out - and not overly pleased with the result.

drinking jay
Throwing water down his throat.

female house sparrow feeder
Just a house sparrow, I know, but pretty nonetheless.

november nuthatch
I saw my Red-breasted Nuthatch yesterday, but couldn't get a photo. The White-breasted performed nicely.

november nuthatch II
There were actually three White-breasted Nuthatches eating suet yesterday.


  1. Gorgeous photos, especially the Blue Jay close-up.

  2. The same ones I have in my backyard .... and I LOVE them all :) Great captures!

  3. Looking at your mice pictures, these are the birds that stick around. So winter can't be too far off.

  4. Nice lighting on the House Sparrow - makes one look twice at a bird which not only gets overlooked, but often shooed. Not fair to the birds - not her fault that they got here and figured out to live where few other birds can - like in the city.


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