Gardening with Deer?

The garden is looking much improved, I think.

There is some colorful groundcover.

Some lovely sping daffodills are scattered around, too.

There is grass mixed in, but it looks better than dirt.

Some of these flowers might be weeds, for allI know.

What do you do when deer show up to eat your garden?

Well, I don't know what other people do, but I let them eat it.

They look so scraggly and raggedy and they are so thin!

Their skin is hanging off their bodies! This was a harsh winter -

and who can resist such a cute, funny little face!


  1. Wow- great pictures Sue! I especially love the close-up of the daffodils, and the deer of course. That must have been so neat to get to see them up-close. I hope they get healthier!

  2. For deer, we use--a fence!


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