Amazing Unexpected Easter Presents!!

I have the best and most amazing kids in the world! I couldn't believe it when they told me to hunt for my Easter basket, and almost fainted when I found a basket containing the exact binoculars I had been yearning for!

I've wanted compact, lightweight binos for a long time. As much as I love my Swift Audubon's, they are just too heavy for marathon use. I tried using cheap kids binoculars for a while, but the lack of depth of field made me dizzy and drove me nuts. A few months ago, I went to Drumlin Farm to see what it would cost for lightweight binoculars I could live with. I have a really hard time getting binoculars that fit right, for some reason, but these were perfect from the first look. They are really bright and clear, even in low light situations. They have a click-stop diopter and a focusing ring that is precise and easy to adjust.

Some of the features are even better than my Swift Audubon's! These are Fog proof and waterproof; the Swifts are waterproof but not nitrogen purged, so moisture can get inside and fog up the lens. Also, the Nikon Prostaff has slide and lock eye cups. The Swifts have slide and not lock eye cups - at least once a week one of the eye cups collapses and I spend 5 minutes refocusing every possible dial before realizing that one eye cup has slid down.

I'm thrilled with my new binos, and even more thrilled with the kids getting me such a nice gift for no reason at all.

My second present was even more surprising, and so amazing and cool that I want to show it to everyone I see! My son gave me a walking stick, but not one of his own creations (all of which are extraordinary in their own right). The walking stick below was made entirely by beavers!!!

The beavers cut the wood, trimmed the branches off, and stripped off all the bark WITH THEIR TEETH!
It was made from a Red Maple (you can tell because the branches are directly opposite of one another, the wood is very straight, and it's the most common hardwood in the beaver lodge area), and it's perfectly sized for me to use. I love it! It's an amazing conversation piece!

So I, for one, had an awesome Easter Day.

In addition to presents I was treated to a full turkey and ham dinner made by my husband, and my Mom was able to join us for dinner. All-in-all; a great day for me! Thanks again to one and all!

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