Drumlin Farm 4/1/09

I took a short walk at Drumlin Farm in Lincoln last week. I wanted to get a good picture of a drumlin, but didn't. I did see a beautiful grove of birches (one of my favorite trees). The light was all wrong for pictures, and all wrong for me to see much more than silhouettes, but I took a picture of a bird up way high in a tree anyway. It was so badly lit and so far away that I never bothered to zoom in and look at it or anything.

I mean, would you? But today when I was just browsing through pictures, I did zoom in. To my great surprise, I saw very distinctive markings!

It is a Flicker! A very bad picture, but definitely a flicker! I am used to seeing them on the ground, not way high up in a tree. On the web, there are many pictures of flickers in trees, though.

I think it's way cool!

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