Can I kill a Mockingbird?

What I love most about my new house is all the wildlife right in my own backyard. I especially love all the birds. I've been a birder all my life (although not a very good birder, I admit!), but here in Framingham it was like having my own sanctuary! Flocks of cardinals, titmouse, chickadees, juncos, sparrows and even robins were always around, as were all sorts of woodpeckers (including a red bellied woodpecker and a flicker), plus a family of crows and a pair of blue jays (I love corvids!), and many more. I've seen an amazing collection of birds of prey, too, and even FIVE giant sized wild turkeys right around Thanksgiving time.

Red Bellied Woodpecker:

This is not a great picture of a red tailed hawk because it's taken from behind - but look at that cute face:
These days, however, my feeders are empty more often than not. Instead of having hundreds of birds, I have ONE bird. I'd like to introduce you to my nemesis; the mockingbird:

He is invincible! He chases away every bird from every feeder in the yard! He even zoomed in on the cat, and scared it half to death. I've tried giving him his own feeder, giving him 1/2 the yard to himself . . . but he still prevails.

I didn't even know what kind of bird it was when I first saw him. He was all puffed up from the cold, and looked like this:

I thought it was a shrike, but it wasn't. Just a mockingbird. I never hated a bird before, but I do now. He won't let anyone eat, whether he wants the food or not. And everyone is afraid of him, even larger birds scatter when he swoops in on them.
Next weekend, all the feeders are coming down for a while. It breaks my heart, but I've been told it may be the only way of regaining my beloved backyard sanctuary!

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