Gardening? How?

We moved in at the end of august, and there were flowers and gardens all over the place. Some of the gardens are being eliminated. Specifically, the gardens that were planted all around the foundation are out of here ASAP. The soil, mulch,and roots packed onto the foundation is drawing moisture into the concrete slab, where it is being pulled into the house via capillary action. I love the back garden, though, and I want to preserve it. I just don't know how. I have never had a garden and I don't think I have any talent or skills for gardening.

This is what the back looks like now:

A close-up of the same garden with a pretty bush - then and now:

Looking toward the aqueduct - then and now

The front is also a mess:

What do I do with this thing, for example?

I want it to look more like this:

My best guess is that first I should rake all the leaves and stuff off of the gardens. Then I probably am supposed to weed the gardens - but I don't know what is a weed and what isn't. That's a problem. After that, I have no idea. Buy plants? Mulch stuff?

Any ideas?

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