Ospreys in Detail

I never believed that I could have too many Osprey photos - but I do!

This must have been a banner year for Osprey.  I have dozens of shots of an Osprey right overhead, and Tom captured twice as many as I did!

This one is starting the typical 'Osprey Dance' that signifies that the hunt is on.

When it looks like they are dancing on air, they are actually searching for prey and getting ready to dive in and snatch it up..

Sometimes they dance for so long I give up on ever seeing a dive, which is what happened here!


  1. Wow! those are great! I don't get many flight shots with my P&S. You really captured the Osprey eyes well and the talons on that last shot too.

  2. ....wow! That first shot is stellar...the eye is beautiful!!


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