Gull and Blue Crab on Cape Cod!

Juv gull with BLUE crab Since I didn't see the beginning of this drama, I'm not entirely sure this particular gull was responsible for catching the crab in the water or not! What I found most interesting was the color of the crab. Unless it was a trick of the light, I was sure the crab was BLUE.

Like every other gull, duck, and osprey I saw on vacation, this young gull knows that crabs make for good eating, no matter what color they are! He isn't about to let a meal like this one walk or float away from him.

Juv gull with blue crab 2 Dragging the crab up onto the beach is not an inconsequential task. It take quite a few tries before the gull makes any headway at all.

Juv gull with blue crab 3 When he pulls the crab from the water, it becomes apparent that this is indeed a blue crab. I had to google this phenomenon to verify that there were blue crabs on Cape Cod in the first place.

Juv gull with blue crab 4 According to an article by Dana Eldridge in the Cape Codder, blue crabs are only an occasional visitor on the cape. These lovely colored fellows are more likely to be found in Chesapeake Bay than in Cape Cod Bay. Occasionally they get carried up here by the tide, however. When this occurs, it is good news for birds, people, and many other predators because evidently blue crabs are a tasty little treat for all!

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