Green Heron on Dock

Green Heron on Dock Green Heron from about 10 feet away. Green Heron on Dock II He was standing on the dock next to the Lobster Trap restaurant. I almost always see Green Herons here. Green Heron on Dock III Going into hunting mode here. I don't know what he thought he was going to hunt from the dock, though. Green Heron on Dock IV Stalking Mode. Check out the size of those feet! green heron minnow He did eventually catch a little minnow, and Tom captured him with the fish in his mouth. If you look closely, it almost seems like the fish is smiling! Unlikely, I know!


  1. Awesome close-ups of a super cool bird!

  2. Great shots! We just saw a Green Heron fishing from a dock here in Cape Cod. I was surprised to see it there.

    Hope you can join us for this BwBTC outing..feel free to invite your son as well..Get back to me if you are interested by commenting on my blog post here.



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