White-breasted Nuthatches in action

white breasted nuthatch sudbury river
An unusual perspective on a White-breasted Nuthatch.

nuthatch catches bug
Check out the bug he just caught!

nuthatch with bug
A much better view of the bug he caught. Also, check out those FEET! And the wicked claws on his feet! I never even noticed before.

nuthatch d100
A classic nuthatch pose. This was taken by my husband with the D100.

nuthatch running
My photographer husband also took the next two photos, which are utterly amazing. Look closely . . .do you notice that captured in MID-AIR as he ran up the tree?

nuthatch hopping
How about this amazing shot? He is mid-hop with the big BUG in his mouth!

nuthatch flight
We both got shots of a flying nuthatch that morning. This is mine . . .

nuthatch takeoff
Tom took this one.


  1. Well Susan, I suppose we would need 'crampons' on our feet to be able to climb vertically, hang upside down while catching and eating our food!

  2. You guys are turning into amazing photographers!

  3. Susan, you images of the nuthatch are wonderful, but even more so, the creeper. Difficult little bird to see, much less get any photos - and your photos are terrific.


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