The Nature of Framingham's One Year Anniversary!

This blog started on March 19, 2009. It's time to celebrate my anniversary! I was going to have a retrospective of the past year, but since I am already late, I decided to post pictures of my favorite subject instead. These were taken today, and I feel quite good about them.

great blue heron happy
The Great Blue Herons have returned to the Framingham rookery! Today we saw them updating their nests.

grear blue heron 3 27
They were flying back and forth over our heads, going from the island to the trees on the shore. We were fairly sure they weren't getting food in the trees, but what they were doing was a mystery.

great blue heron grin
Whatever they were doing, they seemed happy about it!

grear blue heron with twig
When we saw that most were carrying twigs and sticks back to the island, we realized they were updating their nests!

gbh big wings
Look at the length of those wings!

gbh touchdown
A gentle landing on a branch.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! Love reading your blog posts. Happy to see the great blue heron in flight - good capture.

  2. Congratulations and nice photo too!

  3. Happy Blog Anniversary Susan. Super flight shots of your favorite Heron. FAB.

  4. Wonderful photos. I enjoy visiting your blog and admiring the great pics.


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