Northern Flicker, Downy Woodpecker, White-throated Sparrow, and more

feb flicker
Saturday, February 27. Less than 1 hour of sunshine between the snowflakes - but what an hour it was! I got tons of good pics, including this Flicker rooting around in the garden.

Flicker back
The Flicker from the back, showing it's distinctive red collar.

blue jay curious
I managed to get quite a few great shots of animated Blue Jays in various poses. I really like this curious fellow, who was captured in the moments between snow and sun.

white throated sparrow
A White-throated Sparrow in the quickly melting snow. You can identify White-throated Sparrows by the yellow color between their eyes and beak.

white throated sparrow 2
This is the tan striped variety of White-throated Sparrow. There is a white striped version, as well.

female cardinal february
A small female Northern Cardinal finds a sunflower seed beneath the snow.

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