Chickadee in the Sun, Cardinal in the Snow

perfect chickadee
When the sun finally came out on Saturday, everything looked beautiful - including the brightly lit background. The Chickadee, of course, looks beautiful in any weather.

perfect chickadee 2
He seems to have a very hard time actually eating the seed he brought to the branch. A friend of mine pointed out that sunflower seeds are pretty huge when compared to the size of a tiny Chickadee. They do keep coming back for more, so it must be working out for them.

perfect chickadee 3
Trouble with the seed resulted in a dejected appearance.
View Large On Black to see his face clearly.

cardinal alone
An hour before the Chickadee pictures, the snow blanketing everything and kept falling. It does make a nice background for the male Northern Cardinal, though.

cardinal fight
The cardinal was not pleased when some presumptuous sparrows joined his table.

At 9:00 AM the backyard was truly a winter wonderland.

prickers snow
Snow Falling on Branches.

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  1. Hi Susan. I see you are geting a mixture of weather and a nice selection of visitors.
    BTW congrats on the 2 lifers. Common Goldeneye are 'common' winter visitors for us both on inland waters and at the coast. Courtship display when the male tosses his head onto his back is worth looking out for. FAB.


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