What Wren?

Marsh Wren?
Today I was hoping to spend some time catching up on all my favorite blogs, but it was yet another crazy day with no time for reading. Now all I have time for is a very short post! I have been trying to ID this wren for weeks. I really didn't think it was a Carolina Wren because it didn't look, sound, or act like any other Carolina Wren I've ever seen. But I was wrong (and Pete was right.)  It is a Carolina Wren!
squirrel snow
Squirrels are common around here, though. In my yard, the Blue Jays always make sure that the squirrels on the ground get a good meal!

cold junco
The Juncos normally benefit from all the spilled seed on the snow, too, but sometimes it is just too frigid to eat. The only option is to puff up into a ball to stay insulated, and try your best to keep out of the snow!

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