Blue Jays, Juncos, Sparrows, and Starlings - Again!

feeder bluejay
It is too cold to go outside, I'm drowning in paperwork, and I've come down with the flu - but I can still take photos of the backyard through the windows. I am as sick of seeing the same few species in all my posts as you are, but what choice do I have? I think of it as photography practice. In any case, this is a handsome fellow, right? Blue jays are gorgeous and very intelligent birds. I particularly like the bright cobalt blue color on their backs and tails.

feeder bluejay 4
Blue jays are extremely alert and have excellent hearing. This one heard the camera shutter from inside the house, and kept taking off before I could frame a shot. Here I think he was evaluating the potential for danger from the sound. You can see the intelligence in his eyes.

Blue Jay Eyeliner
Check out the dramatic eyeliner effect! He (or she) evidently likes the Egyptian look!

Black and Blue Jay
Magnificent color scheme, in my opinion. Very alert even when eating.

female house sparrow
I can always find a sparrow to pose for me! This is a female house sparrow.

house sparrow female
Another female house sparrow.

junco arborvitae
Dark-eyed Junco with feathers fluffed up against the cold.

junco feeder
Dark-eyed Junco in the feeder instead of below it.

junco feeder 2
A closeup of the Junco chowing down. It requires a lot of food just to stay alive in this frigid weather.

starling suet again
The smart suet-eating European Starling was back again today.

starling suet again 4
It looks like the same one that was there yesterday.

starling suet again 3
The starlings (there are four or five of them in the yard lately) also puff up to stay warm. They are a bit less cute than the juncos, however.

starling suet again 2
How gorgeous are those patterned wings, though?

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  1. Great pictures. I know what you mean about taking pictures of the same birds every day. It does get a little boring.


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