Cardinals in the Snow

female cardinal snow 3
A few photos taken through the window after it snowed all day. It is all I have time for at the moment. Sigh.

female cardinal snow 4
I swear she heard the click of the shutter even though I was in the house!

female cardinal snow2
Love the colors! Not as flashy as a male, but I like the delicate tints.

cardinal snowstorm
I love a male cardinal in the arborvitae tree! There were at least four in the yard this afternoon, but the tree was too wet to be inviting, I guess.

cardinal closeup snowstorm3
Last year I saw seven males in this tree at one time. It was a gorgeous sight, but they scattered long before I found my camera.

cardinals juncos snow
The little junco is almost invisible when there are male cardinals around.

cardinal snowstorm 2
He is looking right back at me.

junco snowstorm
A Junco with fluffed up feathers looks like a little round ball.

female cardinal snow
The cardinals look rather odd when they fluff up, too.

cardinal feeder snow
There is food under that heavy wet snow, but it takes a lot of effort and energy to get at it.

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  1. She is very bright and red - good photos of the cardinal - I find them so wary toward any movement that photos are diffciult to get. Nice job - surely requiring patience.


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