European Starling Eating Suet!

starling eating suet
European Starlings have short wings for such large birds. When flying, they are said to resemble four pointed stars; hence the name.

Starling suet
This is the first time I've seen a Starling at the suet feeder.

Starling suet 4
European Starlings are imported and therefore invasive, but I like them anyway. They have lovely iridescent coloring, for one thing.

starling eating suet 2
European Starlings are brash and bold, but what is wrong with being brash and bold?

Starling suet 2
Evidently, starlings are athletic, too.

eur sparrow
The House Sparrow is another European import.

dark eyed junco close
Dark eyed Junco; an obligatory winter shot.

Cardinal Male Feeder
And of course, a magnificent male cardinal at the feeder.

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