The Perfect Day

banded oysterccatchr
My son and I returned to South Beach in Chatham on Monday, hoping to see some of the birds we missed last month.  Our second trip was picture perfect in every way!  The weather was as good as it gets; 75 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and nice steady wind blowing the bugs away.  That's right - NO BUGS!  The tide was perfect timed for shore-birding, reaching dead low two hours into our trip.  The island was perfect because there was almost no one there but us. Best of all, the birds on South Beach were perfect: exactly what we hoped to see this trip, and much more.  My pictures weren't perfect, unfortunately.  The good news is that my son was taking pictures too, and his images are extraordinary!

Oystercatcher and peep
I'll start posting my son's images tomorrow.  In the meantime, this post will serve as a preview of coming attractions.  The first amazing bird we saw was the one I most wanted to see; the American Oystercatcher.  You have to agree that these are the coolest-looking birds we have around here, right?  Well, we saw a whole family of Oystercatchers on Monday - they were with us most of the day!  My son took about 200 Oystercatchers pictures.  Wait till you see them!

Common Terns and Black Terns
I wanted to see a whole flock of terns very badly. Other people have seen them, and I loved seeing the photos. As you can see, I lucked out once again! A flock of terns in mid-air; how cool is that? (This flock of terns has a few surprises in store. I won't reveal what makes this photo special just yet, but if you look carefully, you may see it yourself!)

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