Nature in Framingham.

foss towards rt 9
How beautiful is this? Although I love the Cape, I also love coming home to Framingham. This is my "year round" vacation spot, which happens to be between Route 9 and the Mass Pike. The Foss reservoir is lovely, restful, and peaceful, despite the hum of the highways!

foss in the fall
Yesterday was the last day of summer, but it felt like autumn was still months away. 

DSC_1979 copy
I love it when the water is mirror smooth.

fossfall copy
The reflections look like an impressionist's version of the trees above; all of the beauty without any hard edges.

foss flowers copy
Wildflowers have sprung up everywhere since I was here last.

foss poisin ivy copy
Tons of poison ivy, poison oak, poison everything!  Also, bugs like you would not believe!  You need to be covered in bug spray and very careful of touching ANYTHING around here.  (Is this someones surefire method of enforcing the "no trespassing" sign, maybe?)

Route 9
Nature is good for the soul and it doesn't cost a dime. This pastoral scene was photographed from Route 9 during rush hour (5:30 PM on a weeknight). If nature can be found here, you will find it wherever you are, as well.

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  1. My house that is located on the foss reservoir is for sale. It provides water access


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