Cape Cod Vacation Week

tahanto sunset
Sunset view from the deck of our vacation cottage.

tahanto venturecat 17
Our beloved $100.00 catamaran with a trampoline made of a trampoline. It takes the guys half a day of hard work to assemble it and another half a day to take it apart every vacation - but it is more than worth it!

tahanto dock
On vacation we have a dock,

view from tahanto
and a picture perfect view,

swan family
and our very own swans! Well, not really. The swans are not part of the package, but this year they were there.

swan children eat first
The parents held back and let their offspring eat first. Evidently swans not only mate for life, but they are very good parents!

swans squabbling copy
Swan siblings squabbling!

tahanto cynet
Close-up of one of the juvenile swans. I had never seen swans this age before.

A Swan for Terry
Close-up of one of the adult swans. If you view the large size on Flickr, he seems to be looking right at you!

tahanto male swan
An even closer view.

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  1. Your last photo of the swan captures the sense of arrogance and bully-ness that swans seem to have as they take over from native species. They are beautiful birds, but ...


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