Peregrine Falcon in Tucson Park!

Look at this beauty!  Tom captured this gorgeous Peregrine Falcon at Christopher Columbus Park in Tucson, Arizona. 

Isn't he spectacular!  This park is close to Sweetwater Wetlands, deep in the heart of Tucson.  We saw this rare specimen on the same day as the Snow Goose and our first Shovelers!

We also got some up-close-and-personal shots of this Great Egret.  Unfortunately, the reason he was so tame was a little unsettling to me.  It turns out the local fishermen around the pond were feeding this fellow, so he had no fear of humans!

They tossed him this fish and he caught it in mid-air!

Then everyone watched him struggle to get that big fish down that long, skinny throat.  He managed just fine - eventually!

I think this Great Blue Heron was tame for the same reason: easy pickings!

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