California Stilts and Avocets!

I would not blame you for doubting that I saw 40 new species on my latest trip out west.  It will take me a while to prove my claim at this rate, anyway!  But I couldn't resist showing off some of my all time favorite (yet never before seen) species - especially since the photos came out pretty good.  This is a bird I love more now than I did before: a Black-necked Stilt!

How about Stilts and Avocets together?  How about a dream come true!

I'm in love.  Aren't you?  That image defines sheer avian perfection in my book!

Not such a perfect image, but a stunningly beautiful bird, wouldn't you agree!  And I have so much more to show!  I'm sure you are all perched on the very edge of your seats . . . with good reason!  Don't worry - you won't have too long to wait!


  1. Sue, Those are beautiful birds. The length of the little one's beak is amazing! Wish I could have observed them on your adventure to California. See you soon. Love, Carol

  2. Thank you, Carol! I've never fallen in love so fast and hard as I fell for that stilt. Now I'm pining away because I'll probably never see him again!


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