Red Tailed Hawk chased by Crows, etc.

Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk chased into tree by crows and other birds - grackles, maybe. They all came screaming out of the sky like a bird bomb, and then a massive red thing fell out of the sky and into the tree. I didn't have a clue what it was, but I would have sworn the big bird was 2 1/2 feet, at least.

juv red tailed hawk copy

All the pictures were taken without looking - just snapping blindly. I had to turn the camera back on (it has an auto shutoff after three minutes!), and I was looking in the viewfinder at nothing because it defaults to the LCD screen. I'm surprised I even got one shot I could use.

juv red tailed hawk 2 copy

The whole thing was over and she was gone in 30 seconds. I heard the crows screaming again about ten minutes later, and I bet they were chasing her still. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Believe it or not, I felt badly for the hawk!

juv red tailed hawk 3 copy

This is an abrupt transition, but the sparrow pic is another accidental image. I was trying to use the remote shutter through the window. It went off before I had framed or focused. It was 9:30 AM on a sunny day, and I still don't know why the background is black.

feeder sparrow copy

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