Cousin Carol's Cape Cod Birds

My cousin Carol is an enthusiastic birder, and I managed to get a few shots of her goldfinch hanging out near the feeders when I visited her down the cape almost a month ago. 
carols finch closeup
Actually, there were a few goldfinch darting in and out.  These two were usually together.
Carols Goldfinch 2

There were a few Baltimore Orioles, as well.  We could hear them singing away all afternoon.
carols b oriole

On the way to Carol's house, we stopped at small nature sanctuary in the town of Bourne.  This is where we saw all the Great Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Osprey, and Cormorants last August.  We were a bit disappointed to see only a few birds; mostly Canadian Geese, Mallards, and Gulls. 
cape mallards 1

seagull copy

My husband took this shot of two geese on the marsh.  (The metal structure on the left is an osprey nest.)

no extra birds copy

I cropped the image down to include only the Canadian Geese, but was hardly thrilled with the result. 
twogeesecapecod copy

Then I zoomed all the way in to check out the osprey nest in detail.  (I've become quite skilled at deciphering the blurred results of photos taken from too far away.  It's a skill I picked up after spending hours peering at blurry images of the heron rookery!)  I'm fairly sure that there IS a bird of some sort sitting in the nest.  I also found at least half a dozen shapes that may or may not be birds too far away to see without much more magnification.  Even when these shapes are highlighted, as they are below, you can barely see them.

Cape Geese Birds Visible
The red circles don't even help all that much.  I should emphasize that these might NOT be anything at all.  I have a very good imagination.  I actually identified more than the six shown here.  I'm fairly sure these ones, at least, are really birds.  What kind of birds I couldn't say. 
Cape Geese Birds Circled

What do you think?  Am I crazy?  Or are there really so many wild things hiding in plain sight?

Cape Geese Birds Blown Up

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