A Reservoir Retreat near Salem End Road

In my quest to explore Framingham's reservoirs, I have spent countless hours trying to find legal access to the water's edge. I'm rarely successful, but now and again I find some nice places without too many NO TRESSPASSING signs. The bridge where Salem End Road crosses over Reservoir 1 offers good views of the reservoir, and is a good place to see wildlife.

This is the view from the bridge looking northwest towards route 9.

salem end rd bridge north

We saw people fishing the first time we visited. I blurred the image of the fishermen because fishing isn't permitted here.

salem end fishing

The usual sign warning about mercury in the fish.

salemend road bridge sign

The view is beautiful looking towards the south.


We looked down to see a gorgeous Painted Turtle sunning himself on a rock.

painted turtle

If you continue west on Salem End Road for just a few feet, you'll see a beautiful place. There is an ancient NO TRESSPASSING sign posted by the Commonwealth Of Massachusetts, but as far as I'm concerned, a sign has to be legible to be valid!

state tresspass

Behind the sign is a lovely body of water surrounded by old pines and young hardwoods.

reservoir ridge

The first thing I saw as I approached the water was a Canadian Goose. They may be common as grass, but I love how this picture came out. It reminds me of an antique painted postcard.


No one could convince me that these pines weren't planted by someone, but it must have been a LONG time ago. These are big trees!

reservoir ridge planted pines

What I thought was a pond is actually an inlet of the reservoir. I don't know why it's there, but it is man made and perfectly rectangular. It is standing water, though, so there is a slight odor of decay and you'll need bug spray to stave off mosquitoes. I stumbled across this rusty tank as I approached the open waters of the reservoir. I don't know what it was used for, but it seems as if no one has touched it recently.
reservoir ridge manhole

I sat down at the water's edge, and savored the scenery and the silence. This was one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I've ever been. I decided to call it my Reservoir Retreat. The view is lovely, too. If you look to the west you'll see the Salem End Road Bridge.

reservoir ridge view

Look towards the east and you'll glimpse the gatehouse and spillway on Winter Street.

reservoirridgetowinter street

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  1. I've been fascinated by the Salem Witch Trials, and stumbled upon your site. beautiful!!


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