Baltimore Orioles at the Tennis Club

I wanted to try out my new camera when there were lots of birds around, so I pulled into the Tennis Club (on Edgell near the Mass Pike overpass) at 6:00 AM. There were tennis players there already, but I ignored them and went behind the backboard and started shooting up into the trees. It's not the best angle, but I was thrilled to get a bunch of great pictures of gorgeously colored Baltimore Orioles having their breakfast!

Taking pictures from directly below a bird won't get you a great identification image, but the Oriole's bright coloring is lovely from any angle!

Even though bright orange clashes with the pink blossoms, the Baltimore Oriole is stunning.

The dawn's early light can be a bitch for photography. The yellow tint affects everything in its path. This is an image of both a male and a female oriole.

This seems to be two males.

I also got a pretty good picture of a grackle.

And when I arrived home one of my cardinals was there to meet me! This image is a little oversaturated, preumably because I was using the VIVID option in the canmera. This may not look like a great capture until you find out it was taken from 60 feet away, without a telephoto lens, and is cropped to 1/32nd of the original photo size.


  1. You are like a PRO! The last pic of the Oriole, even though heavily cropped, makes for a beautiful representation of the Orioles most notable features. I especially enjoy the photo where you have the male and female, opposite one another, at different angles and in opposing positions... picture perfect.


  2. pretty amazing pictures. good job. what camera you got ?

  3. Charles - Thank you! I think I'm improving, and appreciate your noticing all the details like composition and lighting.

    I like the male and female pic, too. Actually, that is the first time I've ever seen (or noticed, maybe?) a female Baltimore Oriole, which seems kind of strange.

  4. Hi framingham forum. I've enjoyed your site before, and I became a member today! I am very interested in the history and geography of this area, and there is a wealth of information in your forum. I welcome your members comments, and especially welcome corrections if there are errors in my posts. I try to thoroughly research my facts, but I'm still exploring my new hometown!

    Thank you for complimenting the photos, which were taken the first day I used my new Sony Cybershot H50. The trees were full of birds that morning, and I snapped away without a tripod or anything. I'm very happy with the camera so far.

  5. ahah, very cool. it's a very slow growing forum i must say. can't say it's well advertised to be fair (until now ! eheh, thanks to your blog which is excellent .. sorry for the light spamming). that geology stuff is a great idea (wish i had thought of that). here's something for you: are there documented fossil beds around here?


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