Squirrel Proofing

We moved to our new house in September after a year in an apartment, so I started over in terms of feeders. I ended up with have some hand-me-down feeders and some new feeders that were duplicates of ones I owned before. All of them had serious critter infestations at first.

At this point, we have a lot of homemade squirrel proofing techniques that work pretty well. My husband is an engineer, and extreme clever and creative when it comes to inventions! The Pepsi bottles took a half day to drill and string along the feeder wire, but they work well because Squirrels can't walk along the spinning bottles (unless they're frozen.)

This squirrel proof feeder is almost an exact duplicate of one I had in Sharon. It was very popular then, but hardly used now. Why? It took me months to figure out that it worked well when pole mounted, but is terrible when hung on a line. The wind blows it a little, and the glass reflection makes it appear that there is something in the feeder or something approaching the feeder - in other words, the feeder appears unsafe to birds when its swinging in the wind. As soon as the ground thaws, we are moving the feeder pole closer to the windows and farther from the trees, and we'll mount this feeder on top of the pole.

The green disc on top of the tray feeder is a weather protector made of a Christmas tree floor protector from Ace Hardware. It worked very well during the heavy snows this winter, but I'm removing it for the spring and summer seasons. This feeder is too close to the house, too, so the squirrels can jump to it from the family room roof. It will need to be moved far her away from any potential squirrel launching pads.
The baffle on the feeder pole was made by my husband from PVC pipe. Again, it is effective unless its frozen, but the pole is way too close to the trees, so squirrels jump on it every morning. This is what happens when your feeder is easily access able to other animals. First we had one big fat raccoon at night, then we had two, then three, and then four. That is when we moved the Cling-a-wings to a feeder Pole in the middle of the yard!

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