One hawk's fast food place

This Cooper's Hawk is sitting on the feeder pole waiting for dinner to be served. The feeders are like his personal MacDonald's.

The feeders are worth looking at if you're in the market for one. My son and his friend gave me one of these Duncraft Super Cling-a-Wing feeders right before we moved to Framingham, but since we lived in an apartment for a year, it wasn't used until last September. I love it so much I bought a second one..

These feeders claim to be starling proof & pigeon proof, but I've seen starlings, cardinals, and even blue jays manage to get some seed. It holds a lot of seed, though (6 lbs), and is easy to monitor the amount left in the feeder. Plus, the seed is protected from the elements and doesn't rot easily. It's easy to clean and the newer model has a much improved opening for adding food.

Little birds love it. It's not unusual to see three or four of them inside the globe if it is raining or snowing.


  1. I love your blog Sue! Those feeders are cool- I've never seen anything like that before. Are they squirrel-proof too?

  2. The Duncraft Cling-a-Wing feeders aren't advertised as squirrel proof - but I don't put much faith in those words anymore. If you use them on a feeder pole that is too far from trees or bushes for squirrels to jump from, and if you put a baffle on the pole, you will not have a squirrel problem unless it gets so cold that the baffle freezes to the pole. Even then, the squirrels don't get much. They have to hang up-side-down on an icy, spinning ball, and its just not worth the hassle!


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