Cardinal Close-up

Isn't he a beauty? The platform feeder is 2' from the family room window, making it a great spot to set up my tripod. Unfortunately, the family room is not accessible at the moment due to some ongoing moisture issues. . . but it will be a great spot to take photos someday.

I had a flock of cardinals in my yard all winter. There were never fewer than five males, and an unknown number of females. The most beautiful picture I didn't take was when all five males were regally resplendent against the snow covered cedar tree. I saw that shot five or six times this winter, but never managed to grab the camera in time. Maybe next year!

I thought my gorgeous flock of cardinals was unique to my backyard "sanctuary." I had only seen pairs of cardinals before - maybe two pairs at a time (and I've been birding for 40+ years!) But according to a plethora of reputable sources, Northern Cardinals do form flocks during the winter months. In fact, it is not unusual to see flocks of sixty or more!

Of course, I now know why I never saw so many cardinals before: its because I never lived in the wildlife mecca of FRAMINGHAM before!

Mrs. Cardinal

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