Carolina Wren, House Finch, and Bluebirds

Within five minutes of seeing a bevy of bluebirds on Saturday, we saw a Carolina Wren at the suet feeder.  Another bird I don't see often in mid-winter!

Like most people I know, I am inordinately fond of Carolina Wrens.  This pert little wren is one of my favorite backyard birds - especially when he and his mate choose to nest and raise a brood or two right next to my bedroom window.

A House Finch is not an unexpected sight, but what I like about this photo is seeing a House Finch sitting next to an Eastern Bluebird.  I tend to group them together in the 'small bird' category, but in truth the bluebird is much larger.

I'm still enchanted by the sight of bluebirds at the feeder right outside my window.   They may or may not herald an early spring, but I feel happy just seeing them!

I'm also very impressed by my husband's photography skills.  I will always love seeing a photo of a bird frozen in flight, and he must of taken five or six of such pictures in about five minutes!

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