A Bevy of Bluebirds!

I have never seen an Eastern Bluebird in my yard before.  I have never seen an Eastern Bluebird at a suet feeder.  I have never seen an Eastern Bluebird in January.   Yesterday I saw seven Eastern Bluebirds in my yard.  On the suet feeder.  In the middle of January. Nice!

I can't help thinking that Spring must be right around the corner!  I could be very wrong about that, however.

It turns out that there are quite a few Eastern Bluebirds around.  According to e-bird, there have been plenty of sightings around here lately.  Someone else on my street reported seeing four of them just last week!

My friend Carolyn saw some bluebirds in the pines near her house recently.   This one was perched in our ever popular Eastern Red Cedar trees.

My husband managed to get some good photos of the little flock.  I especially love the torpedo in flight one on the right!

 Another one posing in mid-flight!

In any case, I am really glad I looked out the window at that exact moment.  I am thrilled to have seen Eastern Bluebirds at a feeder in my back yard in the middle of January!


  1. I've never had one in my yard. It must be great to have them visit. Nice photos too!

    1. Thanks, Larry. I'll tell Tom you liked his pictures!

      I was so shocked to see them that I had to get out my Crossley Guide to verify the ID. For a bluebird! I think they must be migrating through the area, but its only a guess based on the fact that my yard isn't remotely similar to typical bluebird habitat.

  2. Bob and I are so jealous. We've seen bluebirds during the winter but never at our feeders. Tom did a great job catching them perched and in flight; beautiful photos!


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