Harrier Haven

Whitewater Draw might be famous for it's wintering Sandhill Cranes, but I have never seen so many Northern Harriers in one area.  They were everywhere you looked!

Tom captured this fellow looking for prey.  He is quite intent on his task!

Here You get a glimpse of the Harrier's white marking just above the tail.

But this is a much better view.  If you needed any other clue to identify a harrier (besides the owl-like face and size, that is!),  the white marking would make your Northern Harrier a sure thing!

Not that anyone could resist that face, of course!


  1. Loved this post!! I don't get to see Harriers that often and have never gotten decent photos! These are fab...

    1. Thank you, Kelly. The truth is you couldn't miss because there were so many Harriers there, but I appreciate the compliment!


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