Western Grebe and Screeching Baby!

This Western Grebe was a new addition to my life list!  Check out those crimson eyes!

The grebe was not alone, either.  She (or he) was accompanied by a very demanding youngster.  The baby was fluffy looking and adorable, but it NEVER stopped crying to be fed.

I don't know if a grebe of this age should have been able to feed himself, but this one didn't even try. 

The baby expended tons of energy following his parent around while endlessly screeching for food!

When he was actually eating, the baby Western Grebe gobbled his food as if he were starving.

There was one quiet moment on the pond when the little one finished eating.

But his incessant and loud cries filled the air within minutes, and soon I was flooded with pity for the poor parent of this annoying child.


  1. HahahahahahahHh! !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aaaaahhh....the poor parent is right! The shot where the baby is screeching and following close behind made me chuckle. The parent looks like it might self-combust!


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