Those Cute Western Blackbirds

One of the cutest birds I saw on our trip across country was the very common (there) and very uncommon (here) Brewer's Blackbird.  IMO, he is a very stylish and very handsome bird. 

Besides the shocking bright yellow eyes, there is  a lot to like about these birds.  The way they strut around would look appropriate if you added a top hat and tails!

And a head on shot adds an interesting effect to this normally svelte blackbird.

The female of the species is less dramatic, but you would know they were related simply by the similar body movements and behavior.

Actually, I'm not entirely sure if we are looking at a juvenile male or a female Brewer's Blackbird!

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  1. Hey:

    Thanks for this. I saw some in Central Park yesterday. I was surprised and curious since I seem to see a lot of starlings but never these before yesterday.Very beautiful.



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