Suet Snow Series

Suet Snow House Sparrow
I've gained a new appreciation of even the everyday birds I would normally ignore. This is a very handsome looking sparrow, for instance.

Suet Snow Sparrow Face-off
Initially, I didn't know if these two were friends or foes.

Suet Snow Sparrow Battle
A miniature drama unfolded as the two sparrows fought over access to the suet feeder (which they could easily have shared. My Flickr friend and mentor, vidterry, noted that these small sparrows have an abundance of aggression!

Suet Snow Female Sparrow
This female House Sparrow is both delicate and lovely.

Suet Snow Carolina Wren
Of course, a Carolina Wren is definitely NOT an everyday bird I would normally ignore. For me, seeing a Carolina Wren is always a treat. I included it in the series because it fits in with the theme.


  1. Absolutely beautiful images. Love these. Carol

  2. I have always been fond of sparrows, such intrepid fellows. You can't keep them down. You got some nice pics, Susan. Love the Carolina wren!

  3. Beautiful shots of the sparrrows. I love the cute Carolina Wren!


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