I'm back!!!!

dangerous looking valentine
I'm BACK! After three weeks of no camera and no computer, my eye injury is healing and I can put a contact lens in my good eye. I swear I'll never complain about my backyard birds again! Not that this guy is a regular. He's a non breeding starling, and very scary looking - but check out the valentine shaped spots on this bird!

mean valentine bird
Here is a better look at the heart shaped spots. Isn't that incredible?

Carolina wren no 2
Until today, I thought there was only a single Carolina Wren at my feeders. Today I saw two, and I assume it is a pair. They may be living on the ground in the vegetation behind the birdbath.

Carolina wren 1
Here is a burning question: Are there still Carolina Wrens in Carolina?

inquisitive jay
What the hell are you looking at!

You can't imagine how wonderful it felt to be looking through a camera lens again! Welcome back everybody, and let's roll!


  1. Glad to see you back, Susan. I missed you. The starling looks very handsome, and I love the photo of the Carolina Wren with the snowflakes falling out of what looks like a night sky.

  2. Eye injury! I certainly hope all is well now.

  3. I missed you as well. I thought something must be up. I wish you a complete and speedy recovery. It's good to have you back.

  4. I'm sure this was a rhetorical question, but yes, there are still Carolina Wrens in Carolina! Glad the eye is healing.


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