Pintails, Wigeons, and Mergansers

male pintail female merganser
Two of my favorite ducks together in one shot. The elegant and gorgeous Northern Pintail, and the always adorable female Hooded Merganser.

pintail grist mill sudbury
I saw my first Pintail this year, but the pictures I took then were deplorable. But isn't he a stunning fellow in this shot?

female hooded merganser
How can anyone not love a hoodie? Female Hooded Mergansers always make me smile. They are amusing and adorable, and I can't help thinking of the 'I Love Lucy' show whenever I see one.

I saw my first wigeon about a month ago, and I'm thrilled to finally get a few half decent shots of this species. An adult male and an adult female are in ront, a first winter male in the back.

The green crescent sported by male wigeons remind me of a tonsured monk for some reason.


  1. Wow where did you get such variety? Do share! Apparently Fresh Pond in Cambridge has an amazing amount of ducks right now. Given the temps it may have frozen and push them closer to the shore.

    I like your close-up shots though. Your Pintial looks regal, but its the Wigeon that most interests me. I've never been able to get close enough.

  2. Copycat! You can have the Hoodies! The Pintails are mine!

  3. Thank you, John. There was also tons of hoodies, a Common Merganser, some Black Ducks, and a hybrid Canada Goose! It is right in Route 20 in Sudbury - next to a very busy road. It's called Grist Mill Pond, and part of it is owned by the Sudbury Valley Trustees. I'm afraid it,too, might have frozen over this frigid week. I'll find out tomorrow.

  4. Ha Ha, Pete! I know that's you being Anonymous. OK, you can have the Pintails since you liked them first. Note how gracious and generous I'm being about this!

  5. Hi Susan. The Hoodie and the AM. Wigeon are delightful but the Pintail has always been my favourite winter duck ... such an elegant specimen.


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