Last duck show for the year?

pintail grist mill II
Yesterday all my favorite sites were frozen over and barren of bird life. I hope the rain brings everything back to normal. but just in case here's another look at last weeks duck species bonanza. This is the perfect Northern Pintail.

male female hoodies
Male and Female Hooded Mergansers - don't you love 'em?

wigeon 3
Male American Wigeon in first winter plumage.

grist mill mallards
Mallard mates.

common hooded merganser
Last weekend's winter wonderland of ducks and geese; now a frozen wasteland.


  1. Great photos. What is the duck on the final picture next to the Canada Goose just to the right of the female hoody?

  2. Yes..what a difference a few days make...Its pretty darn cold here in North Carolina...We will be driving back that way for Christmas..not looking forward to all the cold...burrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  3. Hi John. Thanks for the compliment. That duck is a female Common Merganser. There were no other Common Mergansers around that day.

  4. Dawn - I didn't think it ever got cold in the Carolina's! If I were there, I'd stay there, too. The heck with Christmas!


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