And the Feathers will Fly; Gull Fight!

great black-backed gull aggression
This impressive display is evidently a Great Black-backed Gull's way of threatening other gulls.

great black-backed gull threatening
There were two GBBG's competing for proximity to some fishing poles.

more great black-backed gull threatening
They screamed at each other and followed each other around for a while.

great black-backed gull chase
Then one of the gulls got serious about chasing the other away.

great black-backed gull attack
The attacker was like a whirling dervish as he pursued his rival. Pretty soon he had the beach to himself.


  1. Terrific post, Susan. Love the photos, particularly the last two.

  2. I love seeing those gulls inland during the winter here in our little town of Portland. Nice photos Susan-and nice tidbit of information about the displaying gulls.I wasn't aware of that but it makes sense.

  3. ...haha! Sounds like it was fun to watch. Love that last photo too...sort of Dracula-like (he's in season...). :-)


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