Purple Martin, Brant, Yellow Warbler, Piping Plover, etc.

brant landing

Birdathon moments included my first ever sighting of a Brant (a kind of goose). It was very exciting . . . for a little while, anyway.


They have very pretty patterns all over. They are nice birds. But geese just aren't terribly exciting. I have way too many photos of Brants!

purple martin birdathon

A very funny view of a Purple Martin. They seem to be as aggressive as he looks - they did a lot of fighting with each other!

yellow warbler birdathon

Tom captured these awesome shots of a happy looking Yellow Warbler in front of the Pilgrim Sands hotel at Plymouth Beach.

yellow warbler 2 birdathon

Another great shot of the Yellow Warbler in the sunshine.

running piping plover

I had to include another of Tom's outstanding Piping Plover images, too!


  1. Brants are my favorite winter visitor. Love the shot of the 'sunshine' Yellow Warbler...Tom did good. FAB.

  2. Love the shot of the Pipiing Plover - so small yet so determined! Also great shot of the Purple Martin; it looks so fierce - defending its nest box?


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